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The vision of Bansbach easylift® is geared towards our customers’ requests, expectations, and satisfaction. We know that customers who are satisfied with the quality of our products and services will contact us again, and that our compliance with their requests and expectations is the basis for our success. Bansbach easylift® obligates itself to install, implement, cultivate, and constantly develop a management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. Moreover, Bansbach easylift® is obliged to fulfill all requirements as an admitted manufacturer according to the aircraft authorization, Part 21G, as well as of the AEO-F certification (authorized economic operator.)


The satisfaction of our customers is our ultimate goal. We therefore strive to comply 100% with our customers’ requirements for reliable products, professional advice, correct order processing, and outstanding customer service. We believe that there is no alternative to the zero-defect product.


We believe that we have to practice what we expect from others. Therefore every employee is, within his/her job, responsible for the overall quality of their work. This helps to avoid having to rectify defects that are caused by mistakes.


We are constantly maintaining and creating workplaces at our locations. We always strive to construct a working environment that offers every employee the chance to meet the challenges of the market in a motivated and dedicated way.


Our products have a high quality standard starting from development and construction, all the way to production and distribution. Bansbach quality begins with the customer contact, as their requests, requirements, and expectations determine our business activities.


The quality agreements that we make with our customers and suppliers are also binding for all employees. For us, quality begins with the accurate and methodic evaluation of the product requirements. Therefore, all efforts of the quality management system are geared to manufacturing reliable, safe, and high-quality products.


For us, honest contact is the basis for the cooperation with our customers, suppliers, and employees. We obtain this policy by a methodic and comprehensive management system according to international level of technique in all phases of product life, in all management levels, at all workplaces, and with all of our partners.


Bansbach easylift® has been developing and producing all types of gas springs for more than 50 years.
Our springs are quality-certified to fulfill the highest requirements for industries such as aerospace, industrial, medical, furniture and more!

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